Whole Home Interior Design Concept




This service is suited to you if you are putting your property on the market and are looking for help in showing it off to its best potential. It is also of benefit to those who have just moved in to their new home and need guidance in how to make their new house feel like a home with a cohesive look.

This service includes:

✅ 1:1 time with me during our 1 hour video consultation

✅  My personal attention through SMS, Emails and by phone throughout your project.

✅ 1 concept design for each room of your house

✅ 1 layout plan for each room of your house

A Style guide for each room which  includes: suggestions for finishing touches and pieces to look for. Guidance on colour schemes for each room so that your home has flow. How to reuse existing pieces to best advantage.

The Whole Home Concept provides you with a plan to move forward in your own time – to keep you focused when buying pieces for each room and taking care of the overall aesthetic and feel of your home.




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