Online Interior Design for the whole family

baby girl changing station on top of green chest of drawers

Avoid the clutter and create a beautiful, practical, child friendly space that fits your aesthetic and helps your family to thrive.

Getting ready for baby’s arrival and don’t know where to start with the nursery? Fill in your details to get my Nursery Checklist.

At Kids Rule Interiors I offer busy mums and dads a way to make the most of their space while getting to grips with their children’s clutter. My online interior design (E-Design) packages offer a fun, quick and inexpensive way of getting expert help with designing your family home. Making the space work for everyone.

By surrounding your family with great design you can empower your children to be more independent and confident and your whole family to be happier and more relaxed.

Using Kids Rule Interiors’ online design service is an affordable way to get help from me, a trained Buildings Archaeologist, Nursery Practitioner and Interior Designer. You will have my focused attention and gain a wonderful space that can adapt to your family’s ever changing needs and interests. One room at a time, within budget.

What are you interested in?

To design a room

Let me design your space remotely. Fill out a client questionnaire so that I get to know your needs and wants, then we will have an online consultation. After 2 to 3 weeks you will receive an emailed design presentation including a concept board, floor plan and clickable shopping list. You can contact me throughout with questions and we will arrange a styling consultation once everything has arrived. All the stress of sourcing items online and thinking about what would work together is taken on by me, leaving you and your child to enjoy using the space.

To add to/design part of an existing room

A quick and easy way for you to get the most out of your space – the Refresh your Space service provides you with a concept to work from and a clickable shopping list so you can order pieces straight to your door using my trade discounts.

To get ideas for each room of your home

Let Kids Rule Interiors help to make your house a welcoming home your family can thrive in. This service provides you with concepts for each room so that you can shop with focus and confidence to create the home you always wanted.

Here’s how it works:

1 – Let’s get started

paying at a laptop

Choose an E-Design Package to get your design journey started.

2- Share the vision

eg of

So that I can get to know you to make your space special for you and your family.

  • fill out my client questionnaire
  • send photos and measurements
  • share any inspiration or Pinterest boards
  • book your online consultation
  • enjoy your 1 hour online consultation with me

3- Concept Development

2 concepts for a space themed room

Time for me to get to work! Based on what you’ve told me I will produce 2 concept boards for your space for you to chose between.

4- Refine the Design

eg of

After chatting through the concepts, you decide which design I will develop. Then I will work to create a room that you are thrilled with. You can give me as much input as you wish throughout this collaborative stage.

5- Make it happen!

eg of a clickable shopping list

Now for the fun bit!! Using my design package which includes:

  • a floor plan
  • elevations
  • colour scheme
  • 2D refined concept board
  • design notes and tips
  • clickable shopping list

you can bring your design to life.

Happy shopping!

Here’s a little something to get the kids involved…..

Help to keep the children busy at home by helping them to get started on designing their room, playroom or den using “My Room Design” project. Simply download the PDF and print it out for your child (and you) to work through.

Have fun!