Kids Room Decor Made Easy

"Everyone who has seen the nursery says how unusual and beautiful it is " - Christelle

"Everyone who has seen the nursery so far has loved it and said how unusual and beautiful it is, and as a bonus, Dominique is so lovely and easy to chat to! "

Christelle, expectant mother.

Nursery Room Ideas for Girls

"I needed help with designing my baby girl’s nursery. I had too many ideas and liked too many different styles and colours.
I really recommend Kids Rule Interiors,"

Christelle, expectant mother.

Bold Floral and Pretty Pink Baby Girl's Nursery

This is an example of a concept board that I send to clients along with their shopping list. It includes most items from the shopping list to give them the feel of how everything will fit together.

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas
Cosy Reading Corner

Each room I design contains zones for different activities. One of the most important is a cosy place for bedtime stories and for relaxed play.

Flexibility is key

It is important to future proof your child's room as much as possible, so choosing pieces you can adapt as your child grows is something I aim to do. In this baby nursery I chose a chest of drawers topped with a changing basket that could then be removed as needed.

Boy's Bedroom Ideas

"Dominique was good at getting an idea of what we liked and then working with that, bringing in her own ideas and thoughts which I felt worked really well in terms of what we had in mind."

- Hanna, mum to Torin , James and Rowan

"Dominique also has a background in early years education, which meant she was able to bring in things I hadn’t thought of such as quiet/reading zones and how to do more child-centered book and toy displays". - Hanna, mum to Torin, James and Rowan

A Place for everything and Everything in it's Place
Fun and Glam Pre-Teen Girl's Room

"I had given myself the task of transforming one smelly teenage boy's room into an 11 year old girl's room under tight time constraints."

Vixi, mum to Josh, Seb and Holly.

An Edgy Den for a Teenage Boy and his Little Brother

Dominique not only helped with the room plans, sourcing all the required items but helped me take away any stress from the tight time constraints I had put on myself! Highly recommend.”

Vixi, mum to Josh, Seb and Holly.

"Dominique not only helped with the room plans, sourcing all the required items but helped me take away any stress from the tight time constraints I had put on myself! Highly recommend.”

Vixi, mum to Josh, Seb and Holly.

A Place for Everything

"Can highly recommend Dominique at Kids Rule Interiors who helped me transform the bedroom the twins have been in together since they were born to a more grown up room for Euan. It’s fabulous and dramatic with a space and Star Wars theme. Only finished in the nick of time before lockdown. Dominique did the design based on a consultation and with some measurements and before photos, provided a couple of mood board options and then provided a floor plan and clickable shopping list and lots of answers to my dumb questions along the way. Great if you are time and imagination poor like me! "- Lesley, mum to Iona and Euan.

Having storage that can adapt to your child's evolving interests is vital to the longevity of the design.

Flexible Storage is Key

Bring out children's interests and individuality with little details that will be easy to change in the furture

Accommodate Friends

A pull out bed, day bed or zbed is a great addition to any child's room.


If you have the space, why not add a fun dressing table for extra wow factor? This was one of Iona's special requests for her room.

It is important for school children to have a place where they can focus and concentrate with little distraction. The desk can still be fun or glamorous.

Study space
Cosy, Warm, Welcoming and Individual
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At Kids Rule Interiors I offer busy mums and dads a way to get to grips with their children’s clutter. My E-Design packages offer a fun, quick and inexpensive way of getting expert help with kids room decor.

I aim to provide a fun and beautiful room for your child, a room that they will take ownership of and one which will help develop their confidence and social skills.

Online Design can help you with your kids’ room decor – Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy an E-Design package online, fill out the client profile and send me photos and measurements.
  2. Have a design consultation by phone, Skype, or FaceTime.
  3. Receive your concept board, floor plan and clickable shopping list .
  4. Shop at your convenience.
  5. Have a styling consultation once everything has arrived.

Help to keep the children busy at home by helping them to get started on designing their room, playroom or den using “My Room Design” project. Simply download the PDF and print it out for your child (and you) to work through.