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Let’s create a clutter-free, beautiful, practical, and friendly space that suits the aesthetic of your children and family.


It is difficult to buy services online without knowing who you are dealing with. I am happy to chat before any commitment is made so do please get in touch.

You may know which service would suit your needs already, but if not, have a look at the services I offer.

Alternatively, you can contact me by filling out the form. I will get back to you within 48 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

As little or as often as you like – within reason, I do eat, sleep and spend time with my family!

Usually you will have your finished design within 2 – 4 weeks.  After that the beauty of having the clickable shopping list is that you can make your purchases in your own time – do bear in mind that items will sell out or may take a good few weeks to ship. So really it’s up to you as to how quickly you want to create your room.

If you would like to have physical samples of paints, fabrics and materials this adds the lead time and cost of the project but is totally doable. I can send you samples so that you can approve them before committing to the scheme.

Believe it or not, this has not yet happened to me. Our consultation, sharing of inspiration and your client questionnaire usually gives me a good idea of your style and wants and needs. But should the unthinkable happen, I would, of course, provide a new concept and we would work from there. The whole process is about you and your family and I strive to make you a space you will thrive and be happy in.

It is crucial that you measure your space correctly in centimetres so that I can make sure that everything will fit. For larger items like sofas or tall bookcases I will ask you to measure the access to the room so that we know it will fit through the door or up the stairs. Don’t worry, my handy guide to what to include on your sketch plan will keep you on track.

Yes you can, though do bear  in mind the item may have sold out, it’s a risk but on certain items, well worth it.

Within a month of sending you your Shopping List I will be happy to source a different item that will fit your scheme and requirements. Beyond the month I can recommend a few items to try but you will have to check their availability and double check the measurements!

Here’s a little something to get the kids involved

Help to keep the children busy at home by helping them to get started on designing their room, playroom or den using “My Room Design” project. Simply download the PDF and print it out for your child (and you) to work through.

Have fun!