Floor Plan Consultation


Don’t want to splash out on an interior designer but feel like your child’s room isn’t quite working? Improve the use of space in your child’s room by using my Layout Redesign service so that you can reuse what you already own and love.


Happy with your furniture but your child’s room if not working for anyone? Want to make an instant difference? Need to put the kids in together but can’t see how they would fit? Make what you have already work for you by using my Floor Plan Consultation. I will help you to make more of your child’s space while you keep the items you like.

Send me photos of your room and measurements of the room and each piece of furniture you would like to keep. We will have an online 30 mins consultation and then let me do the work for you. Within 2 weeks you will receive a 2D layout of your child’s room showing where the pieces will work best and some notes about how to make the most of your new layout. Then simply move everything around and enjoy your child’s room in a new way.


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