E- Design Service


Let me design your space remotely. Fill out a client questionnaire so that I get to know your needs and wants, then we will have an online consultation. After 2 to 3 weeks you will receive an emailed design presentation including a concept board, floor plan and clickable shopping list. You can contact me throughout with questions and we will arrange a styling consultation once everything has arrived. All the stress of sourcing items online and thinking about what would work together is taken on by me, leaving you and your child to enjoy using the space.


Are you tired of standing on Lego? Can’t find socks? Don’t understand why the children refuse to play in their own rooms? Want a quieter bedtime routine? My E-Design service can help.

How it works:

  1. Buy an E-Design package online, fill out the client profile and send me photos and measurements.
  2. Have a design consultation by video call.
  3. Receive your concept board, floor plan and clickable shopping list together with sketches in the Design Proposal.
  4. Shop at your convenience using my trade discounts
  5. Have a styling consultation once everything has arrived.


If you are looking for a convenient, easy and time and money-saving way of creating a fun, organised and clutter-free room in which your child’s confidence will flourish then this is the service for you. I can help you with combat the clutter in your family home.  Let me, a kids interior design expert, take the strain.

Exclusive access to a children’s interiors expert

You will be working exclusively with me on your family’s room decor. You get to tap into my knowledge of child development and my experience of working with children. Where possible, your child will be involved in the process so that they feel part of the decision making. I not only aim to provide a fun and beautiful room for your family but also one that they will take ownership of and one which will help develop their confidence and social skills.

The Details

Two to three weeks after our online consultation you will receive a concept board,  with 1 set of revisions included, a 2D Floorplan and, best of all, a Clickable Shopping List which saves you from spending time trawling through websites trying to find items that will work in your child’s room and saves you money through avoiding costly mistakes and by using my trade discounts. Throughout the process you can contact me with any questions or concerns I am available! After all the deliveries have arrived and the room has been put together we can schedule a final 30 minute online styling consultation to make the most out of the space.



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