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5 tips in Modern Kids Room Decor

Scandi kids room with teepee
Scandi kids room with teepee.

I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to easily modernise your children’s room.


1- Start with White Walls

To achieve the bare scandi look, it’ll also help make the room look bigger. White provides a very clean backdrop for any colour you choose and works beautifully with wooden finishes.


2- Choose a Statement

This could be an amazing piece of furniture or bold colour or both. My son’s shelf of Ninjago Lego hits you as you walk in (not literally obviously as that would be very bad design indeed!) and provides a great statement of bold colours with an Asian theme. In the photo above the statement is the banana wallpaper and accents.


3-Curate Toys on Display

Let the items on display tell a story, this could be through a theme like action toys or a tea party or through a colour, like all red or rainbow coloured. Let your child help  in the decision and you will see a sense of pride blossom as they take pride in their belongings. My 6 year old Lego fiend only has Lego on display in his room, all built sets and mini figures, all his own creations are all on dedicated shelves. The rule is it can’t overspill once we have tidied up for the day. All his other toys are put away in their boxes and drawers ready to be played with. Above there is teddy having tea and a selection of wooden toys on display in the house shaped shelf.


4- Accent with Nature

Add varnished wood for that clean organised bringing-the-inside-in vibe. Add plants too to enhance this effect and to help your child connect with nature. Incidentally they can look after their plants and thereby gain a tad of responsibility and in turn the plants can help improve air quality which is especially important in towns and cities. Wooden toys are great for so many reasons but especially for that tactile quality. I=In the photo above you see banana leaves used as decoration.


5- Display Meaningful Art

Posters of your child’s favourite things or old family photos or your child’s masterpieces. Creating a memory wall of photos of friends and family you rarely see can also provoke thought in your child. Or even an ever changing memory board of photos from holidays or days out provide a lovely focal point and a great way to start conversations with your young child.

These tips should help you to create that Scandi feel and hopefully you will try them out and let me know how you get on!

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6 Easy Ways to add style to your child’s room

shutterstock_1049222219 scandi/sherbert room

As a former nursery practitioner and mum to a 6 year old I know a few tricks to keep the toys at bay and to make  your kids rooms more stylish. Believe it or not “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” really does help children to relax and grow more confident. Here are a few easy tips to help you to easily  inject some style into your child’s room. We shall keep tackling the clutter later….


1- Choose a palette

Deciding on a colour scheme can come from all sorts of inspiration, like your child’s favourite tv show or ice cream or an interest like space or horses. Choose a family of colours that go well together and a background colour and punchy highlight colour. Controversial as this may be I don’t hold with monochrome rooms for little ones, sure lead with black and white but add  punchy yellow or turquoise or orange accent.


2- Accents

Find or make accents in your chosen colour palette. These could include storage baskets, curtains, bed linens, toys… they will help to give your palette definition. They also make it easier to transform your room later (or even seasonally) by changing your soft furnishings.


3- Lighting

Often an afterthought, lighting is very important. Have a couple of different light sources in your child’s room for different moods and activities. Task lighting at a desk or bedside table,   night lights and main pendants all have a role to play in a child’s world too. remember to choose fittings that suit your feel and colour scheme for the room.


4- Plants

Bring the outside in. Children can benefit from plants in their rooms for so many reasons. They can help filter the air in a city environment, can encourage children to be responsible by looking after them and help keep children in touch with nature. Put plants at child height (from when your child is at least 3 years old) and up high to give them extra sensory stimulus from the touch and smell of house plants.


5- Displays of treasures/ vignettes

Get your child involved in displaying their treasures and favourite bits and bobs. This encourages their sense of self by providing physical reminders of past doings and helps them to forge connections with their surroundings while taking pride in their room. Help curate collections so that they don’t take over and try to suggest sorting using different criteria such as colour or a theme. But remember it is their room! In my son’s room he has an old printer’s tray which he uses to display all his Kinder Egg toys and anything special like rocks and shells he has collected. From time to time it does need a tidy but it generally survives as a rotating curation of what is special to him. I might even start taking regular photos of it to chart its evolution.


6-  Art

Kids aren’t too young for art on their walls. Together, you and your child could make some family art or choose a picture or design. I find that a little whimsy goes a long way for children’s bedroom art. I frame all my son’s certificates and display them along with a colour-in map of the world in which we follow his uncle’s travels.

So take another look at the photo above. Notice how the accent pieces tie the scheme together? How the art adds a touch of whimsy to the space? How wood is used throughout? How pink and yellow are featured in a black and white background scheme? How the plants are part of the room? How the lighting is industrial and coloured to fit the scheme? You can do this too. Hopefully you have gleaned a few easy tips for creating a stylish room for your children without spending too much time or money.