Hi there, I’m Dominique .

I started Kids Rule Interiors to help parents help their children to thrive. A child’s environment has a huge affect on their cognitive, physical and emotional development. I can design a space which allows your children the freedom to explore safely and to have the space to practice hobbies and interests and let them explore a variety of activities that will allow them to develop essential skills. A well designed room can increase efficiency, improve mood and develop talents. Your child’s environment can help calm them, focus them and challenge them. As they grow children’s needs change and I pride myself on providing designs that will adapt as their needs evolve.

Be it help with anything from storing the overwhelming amount of toys and clothes, to carving out a work-from-home area, to getting your teen to concentrate better, to helping your toddler play more independently, to squeezing another child into your home, to setting up home after separation, to a full home redesign, I’m your woman.

Don’t know where to start? Are you struggling under the weight of Lego and Toot Toot cars? Not brave enough to paint the walls? Is your teenager’s instrument collection outgrowing his room? Simply don’t have the time to sort through toys or reimagine your child’s bedroom as they begin to toddle or start school? Facing blank walls? Finding it hard to see the potential in your space? As a former Buildings Archaeologist I’m very good with plans and making sure everything fits and is functional as well as beautiful. As a former nursery practitioner I know that a tidy and organised child friendly space is essential. It can help children develop good social skills, confidence and independence and help everyone’s happiness.

I encourage children to get involved in designing their spaces so that they take ownership of them and respect and use them wisely. Be sure to have a look at my blog for tips on designing with families in mind. Do follow it if you enjoy it and find it helpful. If the tips just whet your appetite for order and you’d like a consultation please contact me at Kids Rule Interiors, I love a challenge!