2023 interior design trends for children’s rooms

Creating personalised space, comfort, a connection with nature (biodynamic design  and sustainable design) and cosy nostalgia are the underlying themes of  interior design for 2023. In child friendly homes this would translate into the use of organic shapes, colours and textures along with joyful colours and warm neutrals. The interiors of the 1970s will be a huge influence on interior design trends for 2023- so rounded furniture, brass fittings, earth hues especially shades of brown as well as the use of strong pattern and bold shots of colour will be used widely in 2023.

 As we spend more time in our homes there is less love for open plan living – so there is an uptake on room dividers to give more flexibility.

Personalised space

Your home should be a reflection of your family and after the last few years it has become clear that we are all spending more time at home and want our space to bring us comfort and joy! As well as being our office, gym and after school care that is. never going to go out of style, showing who you are through your design choices is evergreen and therefore personalising your space should be the main interior design trend of 2023 that you take on.


Adding art, photographs and mementos to your home will instantly make it feel more personal to you- the same can be said of letting your children collect treasures which they can then choose to display in their rooms. Letting them surround themselves with items and possessions they love will help them feel comfortable, confident and relaxed. It may even help them to develop an interest.  See blog on happy home


Colour schemes should make you, the home owner, feel happy and comfortable. Embrace more colourful interiors and be more individual in 2023. A great way to try this out is to start by adding colour in your child’s room, playroom or downstairs WC. Start small and you will see what a difference adding colours to your space can make. If painting walls seems too permanent or too much like hard work then consider adding colourful and textured layered textiles, unique items of art with a mix of old and new furnishings to create your own personal haven. 

Be careful when you choose your shade as colour can affect your mood and change your perception of space. The effervescent use of colour, texture and pattern has been termed Dopamine Dressing. Your child’s room can be a great expression of this cosy, joyful, relaxed style which will greatly enhance their happiness. See my post on how to get children to sleep better and the effects of colour https://kidsruleinteriors.com/2019/03/.

Use your children’s artwork in surprising ways

Have a little fun and be playful with your child’s room design.  Incorporate your children’s art in their room decor ( and around the house too)  in surprising ways using collages or custom screen-printed textiles or by getting their art made into a rug (see http://www.rugyourlife.com). This unique piece will create an instant wow factor and make the space so personal to your family. 

Your child’s artwork can be made into a beautiful rug by http://www.rugyourlife.com


Rich, tactile materials 

Reflects our longing for connection and interaction after surviving a global pandemic. With humans seeking tactility, sensibility and natural materials while pursuing wellbeing. Tactile fabrics and furnishings, lime stone and plaster walls, varied textures will all be used as part of this interior design trend.


Hanging chairs are a great example of a cocooning chair especially for a child. Bunk beds also back – cosy up in the bottom bunk all nestled in. Feeding into the trend for coziness and for kids needing smaller, safer places to cope with the repercussions of Covid. A desire to cocoon in our homes is still prevalent – with the focus on self care spawning spathrooms and more space in the home being given over to wellness. 


A connection with nature through Biophilic design and the use of sustainable furnishings as well as the use of a colour palette based in nature are part of the trend for connecting with the outdoors. Ways to bring nature into your child’s room design are using child friendly plants, natural materials and colours based on nature’s palette. I can’t go on more about the benefits of bringing the outside in and of connecting with nature! See the Benholm Group’s guest blog about Biophilic design for children’s rooms https://kidsruleinteriors.com/2020/02/27/an-introduction-to-biophilic-design-for-childrens-spaces-from-the-benholm-group/

Biodynamic lighting 

Biodynamic lighting where artificial lighting is designed to mimic daylight will be used in 2023. In fact making better use of lighting generally and using lighting fittings as art will also be on trend this coming year. The use of more flamboyant decorative light fittings as well as better designed lighting plans will come to the fore. 

Sustainably sourced materials

Sustainably sourced materials such as cork flooring and reused and up-cycled furniture will be of growing importance this year. 

Organic shapes/ soft curves and handmade furniture and fittings are another expression of our connection with nature in 2023. Tying in with the search for individuality in our interiors. Think local and craft made items to enrich your environment. 

Low VOC  and clean furnishings are taking centre stage to keep children’s rooms toxin-free. 

Cosy Nostalgia

Reusing and moving pieces around

Setting up your furniture and playing around with layouts in your home is a great way to reuse what you already have and create a cosy feel in your home. 

A smattering of heritage

Heritage pieces add to a sense of wellness and belonging in your home by using vintage pieces along with your personal treasures and your new sustainably sourced furnishings (like low VOC mattresses  for children) your home will gain that cosy nostalgic vibe. Stripes, checks, tartan, statement rugs, patterned wallpaper will all be used to create that cosy nostalgia feel.


Shades of brown, rounded shapes, brass fittings, patterns and shots of bold colour. 

Room dividers

Innovative ways to break up our open plan spaces to provide zones for different activities are being sought as we spend more time in our homes still working from home, entertaining and relaxing. 

Multi functional design 

This includes zoning for different activities as in my method for designing children’s rooms as well as multifunctional furniture like stools that turn into desks.  See my blog post https://kidsruleinteriors.com/2022/12/07/designing-and-organising-the-indoor-environment-for-children/ on how I design children’s rooms.

Non-binary/gender neutral design

The trend for more sophisticated abstract wallpaper designs in children’s rooms with broader range of colour options will continue to grow. I personally love gender neutral rooms as I feel they allow the people who inhabit them to explore and grow. here are some examples of using sophisticated wallpaper designs in gender neutral rooms on some of my recent projects.

Colours for 2023

Natural palette – greens blues earth tones, sunset tones including gentle gold and  Dulux’ s Colour of the Year – Wild Wonder a gorgeous warm neutral based in nature.

Exuberant, happy colours such as Pantone’s colour of the year “Viva Magenta is a “hybrid” shade that’s symbolic of our existence in the physical and digital world. ” are also going to be popular in 2023.

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