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2022 Interiors Colour Trends: How to use them in your family home

Bold colours in accessories

A 2022 Interiors Colour Trend is to inject personality and fun into your home by adding colour and texture using accessories.  After nearly two years of varying degrees of lockdown people have been spending more time at home and realising that their home should reflect them. To this end more personalisation, especially in colour choice is trending for 2022.


Green retro influenced living room with strong ties to nature.

The 2022 Retro Interiors trend ties in well with the use of many different shades of green from olive to fern combined with other nature inspired tones like terracotta, browns and beiges. These 2022 Interiors Colour Trends are obviously still taken from nature to create a calming, welcoming home in contrast the wider, more chaotic world.  Green velvet sofas, sage or olive walls. Other rich coloured velvets on furniture add to the cosy luxury we have been seeing since the beginning of the pandemic. 

Blue nursery evoking nature and whimsy. Items available from my new collaborators Blue Almonds Boutique.


Dulux’s colour of the year, Bright skies, is a warm blue that evokes the natural world and again is calming and centred on bringing the outdoors in and therefore great to use in bedrooms. Working with the ideas of biophilic design and bringing the outdoors in. Soothing and calming it evokes all the wellness that we want to recruit into our homes in these unprecedented times.

A soft and cosy bedroom with a Lilac mural as a centre piece and lilac accents with natural wooden, textured natural fabrics and white furniture pieces.


The Pantone colour of the year 2022 is Very Peri – a joyous blue with red undertone. It recalls all the fun and frivolity we want from our homes these days. Bringing joy and creating a cosy warmth within the home.

Colour co-ordinating Image credit

Colour co-ordinating

Another 2022 interiors Colour Trend we will be seeing is more coordinating of colour – painting the radiators to match walls and woodwork painted the same as the walls to create an integrated and modern look with more cohesion. This effect creates less visual business and adds to the sense of calm. Creating a background that allows only what you choose to stand out. It makes rooms feel larger and more contemporary.

Defined zones

Open plan spaces will have more defined zones with clear delineations for work, rest and play areas. As we are all fitting work into our homes more permanently.  Colour blocking is another 2022 Interiors Colour Trend. An effective way to create zones in open spaces and will carry on into 2022 hot on the heels of the colour blocking trend.

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