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2022 Interior Trends

The overall theme for 2022 Interior Trends is unsurprisingly comfort. Bringing in nature, cosiness, rounded forms, sustainable furnishings, more individualised kitchens, spa like bathrooms, well equipped workspaces and multifunctional rooms and furniture is still our top priority as we are facing changing work patterns in the new normal. 

2022 Interior Trends: Biophilic Design

2022 Interiors trend: Biophilic design - using natural materials, colours and plants in this living room helped to bring the outdoors in and gives a sense of calm.
A recent living room design incorporating lots of family nick-nacks and personality. The clients wanted to bring nature and calm into this space.

Our search for nature, for bringing the outdoors in, naturally leads to the continuing trend for the use of natural and organic materials and for sustainable furniture and materials such as glass and cork, wicker. The 2022 interiors trend colour palette is also highly influenced by nature with various shades of green, blue and earthy tones combining with warmer neutrals such as beige to create our cocooned sanctuaries. Houseplants are a huge trend that will carry over into 2022 as people have realised the soothing wonder of biophilic design. Find out more about biophilic design here.

2022 Interior Trends: 70s Retro

A 2022 Interiors Trend concept of a fun, welcoming space.
A retro inspired multifunctional space filled with plants, light wood, orange accents and rounded forms. A very cosy, easy space.

The earthy colour palette gets carried through in the 70s retro 2022 interiors trend where oranges, browns and greens mingle with vintage pieces and simple forms to reimagine the 70s retro vibe. Think calm retro.

2022 Interior Trends: 90s Urban Revival

A look back at a 1990s living room design which inspires the 2022 Interiors Trend.
An inspirational 90s interiors using beige and earthy brown tones with punches of colour. Image

Another branch of 2022 interior trends is the Y2K Revival or 90s urban trend which is fun, bold and colourful and uses geometric shapes in a different way. This trend will see the return of blonde wood floors, white kitchens, the floral wallpaper trend of the past few years will continue as well as the use of pastel colours in accessories like cushions, throws and lamps.

2022 Interior Trends: New Minimalism

A Japandi/minimalist concept in line with 2022 Interiors Trends.
Strong lines, pale wood, a nod to Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics.

The new minimalism trend carries on from the Japandi trend – calm, warm, cosy, and clean – the limited ornamentation and choice of just 1 or two materials in the space reflect our search for minimal consumption and sustainability. Somewhat reflected in the quest for zen bathrooms. Black accessories and pale wood furniture still abound to tie in with Japandi styling. White walls and pale floors are balanced with painted doors and trims. 

How to make 2022 Interior Trends work for you

There are elements of 2022 interior trends that can work for you, be it adding a round coffee table – changing out your cushions for more retro coloured ones or finding some vintage pieces to add character to your space.  By introducing a few pot plants and natural materials into your home your space will feel calmer and more connected to the outdoors. Simple rounded lines and warm neutral colours mixed with the colours of nature will add to that sense of soothing and calm which we all need to find in our own home sanctuaries.

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