What is E-Design/online/remote interior design?

In this age of global pandemic where so many of us have been forced (or indeed allowed ) to work from home the benefits of technology are clear for us all to see. It is therefore natural that the interior design field has adapted to new technologies and E-Design /online/remote interior design is a fast growing area of the industry. So what is E-Design/online/remote interior design?

E-Design is a convenient, affordable and speedy way to get the guidance of a professional interior designer. E-design is tailored to a tech-savvy, budget – conscious, do -it-yourself generation. It is a collaborative process between the designer and their client where all the communication is through email, phone or video calls which gives you more flexibility in your schedule. Clients will handle the logistical aspects eg measuring your room, ordering items and installation, while the designer puts the look together and provides tools for them to be able to carry it out. 

The designer does all the product sourcing, decision making, solves layout issues and helps you visualise how your room could look – all remotely. It is great for those who need guidance and the impetus to get started. Thanks to technology, interior design services can now be completed without a designer ever having set foot in your home. E-design is typically a simpler, more laid back process with a quicker turnaround than traditional interior design.

E-designers create a digital copy of a room design based solely on the information you, the client, give them. They provide flat fee services that lend towards a budget- conscious clientele.

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All e-designers work slightly differently but the main themes remain the same. It is a more collaborative process with the client shouldering the responsibility for sending measurements and photos to the designer and filling out a questionnaire before an online consultation. Once a purchase has been made, my process involves:

  1. Fill out the client profile and send me photos and measurements. Note pieces you would like to keep. Collaborate on a Pinterest/Houzz inspiration board or send in your inspiration board.
  2. Have a design consultation by video conference or phone.
  3. Approve the Brief. Receive your concept board, floor plan and clickable shopping list within 4 weeks.
  4. Shop at your convenience.
  5. Have a post-design styling consultation once everything has arrived.


As the E-Design process is a collaborative one it is a good idea to be prepared to help make the process smooth and to communicate as clearly as possible with your designer.

Set a Budget

Know how much you have to spend and don’t be shy about letting the designer know what it is – it is their job to make it work – within reason!

Set a Timescale 

Know how much time you have for the project, how much time you can live with the space out of action or when you have to be away. Remember a benefit of E-Design is that you can spend as long as you like making the purchases and adding the final touches.

Figure out your Style

Images from magazines or creating a Pinterest board of rooms and things that you like can be very helpful in narrowing down your style. This is important as it helps the designer know which type of style to start from. If you love everything and choosing is your problem the designer’s questionnaire and consultation should be of great help to you in narrowing down to find your style or styles.

Gather Inspiration

Images, samples, Pinterest Boards and collect them together. It’s important to think about what you like about the images and why you saved them. You should find themes and things that reoccur in the different images. It is then your designers job to pull these themes out and get to the essence of what it is you like and need from your project.


  • Be part of the team: E-Design works for anyone who wants to collaborate. If you can be forthcoming with your designer and not worry about offending them then E-Design is for you. Wonder if it would work for you? –then reach out a quick call should help, I love to chat so feel free to get in touch.
  • A quick turn around – the process involves one room at a time usually, so there is no pressure with the timeline: it’s up to you, the client, if you wish to purchase everything at once or to stagger the cost by buying in your own time. If you are time poor then E-Design is your answer.
  • Learn a bit more DIY or more about design as you follow the provided images and plans and shopping list to purchase your items and set up your space. The E-Design process teaches you and allows you to practice interior design.
  • No hidden costs: Anyone who likes to know how much they will be spending will find E-Design is for them. E-Designers usually charge a flat fee with no hidden costs or travel expenses to pay for.
  • E-design is more affordable than traditional design – because you are doing some of the work yourself (measuring and photography) you won’t have to pay your designer to do those things. Why pay a designer to do things that you can do? Most of your money can go towards the actual design.. interior designers used to be exclusively for the wealthy – E-Design has changed the game – here is a list of my services and fees.
  • You are not limited to designers in your area – You have more designers to choose from. Every E-Designer is available to you online via the wonder of the “interweb”.

And… oh, I do E-Design…. Isn’t that convenient? Click for more info.. or to schedule an informal chat contact me.

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