2020 Interior Design Trends for Children’s Rooms

My series of spring blogs will be delving into the interior design trends for children’s rooms for 2020. 

As nature comes out from under it’s shelter and the days start to get longer I start planning brighter and more colourful rooms! I think it is clear that the natural world provides most of our inspiration for interiors and this notion has been embraced in 2020.

The main trend that I am seeing coming to the fore for 2020 is nature inspired interiors. These take many forms:

Subtle small leaf printed wallpaper

Muted rainbows

Boho safari

The colour green 

The colour blue

Natural materials


As well as the above styles there has for obvious reasons been a turn towards reusing and repurposing items you already own – a lick of paint, a new table top and hey presto you’ve gotten more life out of the piece. This is environmentally friendly and wallet friendly too. You also won’t feel too bad when your little darling draws all over their cupboard in permanent pen!

Colours that will trend are:

mint/cantaloupe or coral/citrus pops of colour

Walls will be:

Geometric paint designs

Dark floral wallpaper

Subtle scandi

Curves will start to show up 

Dark cots will make their presence felt

A parallel trend for more dramatic blues and greens with a luxe feel will carry on from last year.

Many of these trends will be used together – natural furniture with cantaloupe walls and splashes of mint for eg. 

Biophilic Design – bringing plants inside for health and wellbeing.

Biophilic design is the concept used to increase your connectivity to the natural environment. It affirms that bringing the outside in is soothing and beneficial.

One of the 2020 interior design trends for children’s rooms is biophilic design and it feeds into the use of colour palettes and materials based on nature. Next month I am pleased to say that I have a guest blog from The Benholm Group, a family-run business based in Falkirk, Central Scotland who specialise in a wide range of plant-related services for many commercial customers.  Mainly focusing on the Corporate Office market sector and the Hospitality market sector, they also work within various other sectors too, such as retail, education, health and the public sector. You will undoubtedly have seen their work if you have been to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen or even the Edinburgh festival. At the heart of their business are the concepts of biophilic design. Their blog will be introducing the concepts of biophilic design to help us all get nature into our homes. 

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  1. I have never posts about children room interior designing. This is a fresh topic to me and I have learned quite something from it today. Thanks for writing and sharing this post.

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