4 ways to get the nursery ready for baby’s arrival

Nursery Design with Stamford Set
A calm, cosy and fun nursery design using the Stamford Classic Sleigh Cot Bed in Taupe Grey by Obaby.


Getting a nursery ready for baby is quite simple really…. they need somewhere to sleep after the first 6 months, somewhere to store their clothes and accoutrement, somewhere to have their nappy changed and somewhere to put their toys and books. Think about if you’ll be getting up to feed baby or bringing baby into bed with you, if you’ll be changing baby in their room or the bathroom, if you want them to share with a sibling…

The nursery is probably more for mum than baby so you will also need to consider a feeding chair, maybe even a bed for those nights where you just can’t leave the little one, some artwork and a colour scheme to foster happy nesting time when you are in the nursery. Make it a place you are happy to spend time as you undoubtedly will be.

Blush pink nursery with bookshelf for toy and book storage and a chest of drawers for clothes, muslins and bedding. A handy ladder acts as great storage space for extra blankets.

1- Somewhere To Sleep

For the first 6 months of life baby will be in a Moses basket or cot-side bed in their parents’ room so this is not an immediate need, but setting up a cot in baby’s room before their arrival is advised as those first few months fly by.

There are different types of cot available, some of which can last until your child is around 10 years old. A cot bed’s sides, for instance, can be removed and turned into a toddler bed which allows you to use it for longer than a cot. A cot, on the other hand, is smaller and could allow space for a cosy feeding chair and footstool in the nursery.

Consider colour choice carefully as too vibrant a colour, such as a whole yellow wall, can impede sleep while other colours can soothe and calm.

You’ll need a firm mattress, with a waterproof mattress protector, fitted mattress sheets, flat sheets, cellular blankets, baby sleeping bags, a night light, baby monitor and black out blind or curtain becomes invaluable in the summer months and during day time naps.

2- Somewhere To Store Their Clothes And Accoutrement

Getting a wardrobe that can grow with your child is a great idea, one that fits adult sized hangers and has adjustable shelves would be ideal. I found that I could store nappies and muslins and bibs etc in the wardrobe and bedding, baby grows and vests in a chest of drawers. Both pieces of furniture can stay with your child until they leave for university if you choose wisely!

A changing mat could easily be placed onto of this chest of drawers to make a cosy changing table.

3- Somewhere To Have Their Nappy Changed

There is a huge array of baby changing stations available. I would always recommend getting one where the changing tray can be removed and the furniture takes on a new life after baby is toilet trained. for example my son’s bookshelves were his changing table, they came with an extended shelf for changing baby which could be removed when no longer needed. he now still has the same bookcase 6 years on. over the cot changers are useful if space is tight, equally over a chest of drawers changers are useful longterm. it may be that you would prefer to change baby in the bathroom in which case a small, open changer would be the most practical.

This bookcase offers plenty of storage for books and toys. The baskets provide ideal toy storage which little ones will be able to reach.

4- Somewhere To Put Their Toys And Books

Believe it or not your baby will accumulate toys and books even before it is born! you will be showered with gifts and it is always good to have somewhere to put them all. I find storage boxes on shelves to be the most adaptable storage solution, especially for little ones. start your soft toy collection in one, your noisy developmental toys in another basket and your wooden tethers in another and you will be tidy and organised for baby’s arrival.

Once you have met these four requirements for your baby’s immediate needs everything extra is a bonus, but don’t stress your little one’s nursery should be an oasis of calm (or as soothing as possible for those 2am feeds!).

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